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  • 140 Woodbridge Ave. Woodbridge, Ontario
    L4L 4K9, Canada


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  • Dips

  • Antipasto

  • Insalate

    • Caesar $8
      Popular salad of Romaine lettuce, shaving of Grana padano, pita croutons dressed with own dressing
    • Fatoush $11
      Escarole, Tomato, Cucumber, Sweet onion, House pickle, Celery Spiced pita crisps Pomegranate Sumac Vinaigrette
    • Tuscan $14
      Torn radicchio & kale, shaved fennel, roasted walnuts, prosecco pear & goat cheese, chestnut honey and fig dressing
    • Winter Caprese $18
      Imported Bufala Mozzarella, roasted tomato & pickled beets orange, pistachio, lentil with aged balsamic
    • Tabouleh $9
      Chopped parsley, mint Burgul, tomato, sweet onion, radish, Avocado and spiced Lemon Oil
    • Siciliana $10
      Wild Arugula, Orange, Fennel, Pistachio, dried olive, Celery & Caperberry, Chili - prosecco dressing
    • Add: Grilled Chicken Breast or Shrimp $6

    Shared Boards

    • Mista $30
      A selection of Imported and Domestic Cheese, Prosciutto and Soppresatta Grilled & Charred Vegetables, Olives, House marinated Mushrooms & Pickles Prosecco Pear, Toasted Walnuts & Fig Relish



    • Grilled Organic Salmon Filet $24
      Witted Kale and Mixed Mushroom Salad, Warm Pancetta - Truffle Dressin
    • Anatra $28
      Pan seared duck breast/ chanterelle mushroom/ charred grapes/ Belgian endive
    • Grigliata di Pesce Mista $25
    • A Daily Offering of Markets Freshest Selection
    • Maiale $26"
      Crispy and tender pork belly/ sweet corn polenta/ Roasted apples and thyme
    • Manzo $32
      Grilled Black Angus ribeye/ mushroom conserva/ tomato salad
    • Pollo $23
      Pan roasted half chicken/ eggplant/ zucchini/ pepper/ onion/ celery/ caper berries/ pan jus
    • Spigola $24
      Grilled whole European sea bass/ stewed fregola/ leeks/ rapini/ cauliflower/ clams



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